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Regional health information solutions

Regional health information solutions, combined with cloud computing, the Internet of Things, mobile Internet and other advanced technology, establish residents life cycle health management with health records, electronic medical records, full population as the core, achieving regional health business comprehensive collaboration, health business data sharing and exchange, to promote the full utilization of medical and health resources in the region. Can reduce the cost of medical care for residents, improve the overall level of regional health services and quality of service

Solutions cover population health information platform, Huimin services, regional health services and collaborative services, public health services, integrated management, hospital information, intelligent cloud services, intelligent mobile services and other business applications.

  • Public convenience service applications
  • Resident health service portal
  • Appointment registration system
  • Health management system
Population health information platform

Advantages and selling points

Advantages and selling point 01 standardization: The population health information platform, hospital information integration platform and other products are based on international HL7 standards and the latest FHIR standards, to promote mutual recognition of information sharing.

02 Competitive products’ advantage differentiation: We introduce the world’s most advanced medical IT technology and products, regional health information platform and hospital information integration platform and other products, to provide users with system integration services and help hospitals establish clinical data centers ( CDR), while providing unified external service interface, such as Internet health services, mobile medical services access, and so on.

Bringing value to customers

Independent systems implement interconnection through standardized interface protocol at the data level to ensure data flow between systems. Collaborative business support based on data flow and business flow enables more convenient collaboration and data sharing between different agencies, and form medical big data analysis services on this basis, providing more services for doctors, patients and health managers.

  • Regional Medical Service and Collaborative Application
    • Resident health card system
    • Regional remote consultation system
    • Regional image center
    • Two-way referral and transfer system
    • Health records management and sharing system
    • Electronic medical record management and sharing system
    • Check and inspection mutual recognition system
  • Public Health Business Application
    • Public health collaborative management system
    • Public health statistical decision analysis system
    • Chronic disease surveillance and management system
    • Life registration management information system
    • Occupational disease prevention and control system
  • Integrated management applications
    • Dynamic monitoring and supervision system
    • Cost accounting platform
    • Integrated query statistics system
    • Assistant decision support system for population health
    • Essential drug surveillance system
    • Regional medical supervision and hospital fine operation system
  • Basic platform application
    • Population health information platform
    • Hospital information integration platform
    • Health and medical data center
    • Public health information platform
Typical cases
Changsha Regional Health Information Platform
Customer background

Creation of the Changsha Regional Health Information Platform was direcred by the Changsha Municipal Health Bureau. Its stakeholders cover medical and health-related institutions at all levels in Changsha. The philosophy behind its creation was overall consideration, resource sharing, centralized control and management, being easy-to-use, and step-by-step effectiveness. It adopts unified management, unified planning, unified platform, unified construction, step-by-step promotion of the "four unified and one step" management approach. Based on the current circumstances of regional health in Changsha, we have made full use of the opportunities provided by the continuous development of information technology (cloud computing, sensor network, ubiquitous computing, big data, intelligent physical systems, etc.) to build the regional health information platform, enhance the level of service and management of Changsha health, and meet its health information development requirements in 5 to 10 years.

Customer pain points

The involvement of multiple institutions and manufacturers makes project implementation and coordination difficult; since it involves personal privacy data, data security requirements are high; complex system integration means demanding standards and norms.

What has been done for customers?

The Changsha Regional Health Information Platform that we built for clients includes the following content: develop standards and specifications of the Changsha Regional Health Information Platform, construct the Changsha Regional Health Information Platform Construction, construct Changsha district (county) level regional health information platform, purchase hospital information integration platform, public health center information integration platform, required database, middleware system. Through the construction of health network or relying on the government affairs external network, connect the city's medical and health institutions, form the interconnection of physical network between the city's medical and health institutions. At the same time, make use of virtualization, cloud computing and other advanced computer technologies, establish the Changsha Health Information Center room, to provide server, storage, network, security and other basic environments for the Changsha health information construction in the future, and to meet health information project construction needs of Changsha in at least 5-10 years.