HC International Inc.
HC International Inc.

HC and its subsidiaries are one of the leading domestic B2B E-Commerce operators in the People’s Republic of China. With its professional information services and advanced internet technologies, it has established a reliable demand and supply platform for small and medium enterprises and has been providing them with complete business solutions. Through dedicated efforts and development in the past 22 years, HC has expanded its business scope to cover more than 100 cities nationwide, with branches in 12 cities and a service team of about 2,807 individuals.

With its professional experience and skills acquired from various industry markets in the past 22 years, it not only provides complete marketing solutions for SMEs via Mai-Mai-Tong, an Internet technology based product and relevant key search, but also offers customers multi-channel and all-around online and offline services via its traditional marketing products, namely, off-line activities, and HC Trade Catalogues and HC Yellow Page Directory. HC successfully hosted industrial brand feasts for about 50 industry sectors through its strong media resources and customer base in order to help SMEs build up their brands, and facilitate their business transactions. This type of multi-dimensional structure with complementary advantages allows HC to create a unique development path amidst the fast expansion of China’s B2B industry.

Through the determined implementation of the "be-professional" and "be-focused" strategy, HC has been offering professional and all-dimensional marketing solutions to customers in traditional industrial sectors during the past several years. At the same time, HC has been actively expanding into the market segment of fast-moving consumer goods in the field of high added-value service. Based upon different natures in the targeted market, HC has developed two unique business models for relationship-based and transaction-based customers. Along with direct sales, agency sales and telemarketing sales teams, HC provides the relationship-based customers with one-to-one, in-depth and professional solutions, and transaction-based customers with efficient, user-friendly and standardized solutions and business platforms. Through these services, HC satisfies the demands of different customers.

HC is committed to providing professional and innovative services and products to meet market and user demands, in order to facilitate transactions. HC is always focusing on customer experience and service quality. Within the past several years, HC’s businesses have become more focused, product lines are more precise, and business model are more suitable for market demands.

Products and Services

Mai-Mai-Tong, as HC’s B2B flagship product, has targeted to establish a reliable and diversified vertical-industrial oriented trade platform for SMEs since its debut in 2004. In addition to functions such as product display, precise search, demand quick match, tailor-made services, and direct business opportunities, Mai-Mai-Tong also allows its customers to grasp every business opportunity promptly by comprehensive E-Commerce services including industry news access, online trade meeting, smart shop backend, etc., to them. In addition, HC has appointed a reputable third party certification company to provide identity certification for these enterprises.

In 2012, HC successfully upgraded functions of Mai-Mai-Tong, enhanced Xuan-Pu and enabled it to interact with enterprise blogs, and released industry Mai-Mai-Tong 3.0 and industry Mai-Mai-Tong 4.0. In the same year HC continued to strengthen a number of industry-leading products with special features, including the Golden Compass, which guides Internet merchants on how to do business in the Internet, Buyer Radar, Top Shop Manager and Intelligent Xuan-Pu 2.0, helping Internet merchants identify and search for potential customers, and provides richer functions to the procurement application.

Search Products

Search products is one of the key products of HC’s B2B business. Along with robust development of the search engine industry, search services have become a critical tool for SMEs to promote brands, gain opportunities, and facilitate transactions. HC further upgraded its search products in 2012 and co-operated with search engine service providers like Baidu, Google, Sogou, Soso and 360 search to provide clients with unique products and services that are promoted simultaneously across multiple search engines, including mobile browsing, from which the enterprises can achieve targeted marketing and maximize their marketing cost efficiency.

HC Trade Catalogues

HC Trade Catalogues is an authoritative purchasing guide in China.

As one of the leading catalogues in B2B industry in terms of coverage and influence, it covers information on over a thousand enterprises and quotations of over ten thousand products. On June 15, 1991, HC published the China Market Report, marking the emergence of HC Trade Catalogues on the market, initiating Chinese market quotation advertisement, and leading to a profound revolution in the information service industry. It is China’s first professional purchasing guide media serving different industries. In 1998, HC Trade Catalogues got the approval of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce to be published nationwide, and became the paper advertising information media consisting of information such as quotations, product advertisement, and production technology information. With its vast, timely, centralized and highly directional information, HC Trade Catalogue has become one of the most important information communication channels for industrial manufacturers and users to inquire.

Today, HC Trade Catalogues has penetrated dozens of industrial fields, and developed rapidly with incessant effort. As an information advertising media with the largest amount of information and area coverage, HC Trade Catalogues has 85 different kinds of publications in more than 20 industries with an overall issue amount of nearly 600,000 being published in over 20 cities across China every month. The success is supported by the depth of the industry’s scientific classified business information database library with years’ accumulation, which is updated with hundreds of thousand pieces of information on products, prices and enterprises every week. It is China’s largest business information database, which can provide various kinds of products and services to final users, and comprehensive market information and business opportunities to manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and other people concerned with the market.

HC Yellow Page Directory

As a business yearbook for specific industries, HC Yellow Page Directory is featured as a systematic compilation of industry information, product technology and industry news. It bridges manufacturers, suppliers, administrative organizations, and users in different industries.

HC Yellow Page Directory is a comprehensive, authoritative, essential, and practical book of high-quality industry information.

With the advantages of HC’s years’ accumulation on information, research, and data resources, the Directory is compiled by the information of industrial market news, products, and yellow pages together through a new business view, according to the business requirements of professional personnel. It is devoted to providing valuable business information for clients to solve problems of complicated information access at any step in development. In 2000, HC published the first nationwide industry directory: Security Industry Directory. Within a short few years, HC Industry Directory gained recognition from industrial professionals for its rich content, accurate information, classification of industries and quick search, and became a necessary reference book.

Online Advertising

HC’s online advertising service provides an effective promotion platform for SMEs to enhance their marketing. HC’s all industrial websites have entered into strategic cooperation with renowned enterprises of various dedicated industries to facilitate corporate branding as well as products and services in a comprehensive manner.

Top 10 Enterprises Awards

HC’s “brand feast” is a selection activity in control of the B2B professional industrial information service E-Commerce platform, which aims to reward excellent enterprises in in-depth industries, raising corporate brand influence and promoting the industrial development. HC promotes excellent award-winning enterprises through its powerful media resources, raise corporate brand influence through management training and technical support, and bridges upstream and downstream communications on the industrial chain through its huge buyer resources.