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It provides information system "cloud" hosting services for small and medium-sized banks and pan-financial institutions. DCITS FinancingCreditCloudunder DC Holdings is responsible for the overall management, deployment, and operation and maintenance of the information systems, to ensure customers’ continuous business operations. Based on the actual development of business, small and medium-sized bank customers can make requests, select features, and become end users after opening the service to obtain all kinds of financial products.

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DCITS FinancingCreditCloudcloud services platform under DC Holdings covers almost all the banking business functions, including core business, the People's Bank modern payment and settlement, Nongxinyin payment and settlement, international settlement, bank cards, intermediate business, credit management, financial management, banking 1104 reporting, financial statistics reporting of the People 's Bank of China, anti-money laundering reporting, credit reporting, EAST reporting, telecom fraud risk transaction incident reporting, judicial investigation and control, Jinhong Engineering and in-bank business and management reporting, performance evaluation, online banks, mobile banking, telephone banking, call centers, messaging platforms, self-service banking, micro-bank, mobile banking, card-pass, points and Alipay and so on. In addition, the company promises that when the People's Bank, China Banking Regulatory Commission propose optimization and update requirements, it can offer real-time research and development. It can also rapidly respond to, and meet demand change and the individual needs of small and medium banks.

Service features
  • Convenient and smooth payment and settlement channels

    Nongxinyun is available in more than 80,000 rural credit cooperatives and rural commercial banks across the country, to do exchange and deposit and withdrawal; can achieve big and small amount of payment and settlement business of the People's Bank of China.

  • Extensive bank card business and advanced functions

    Achieve magnetic strip and IC card debit card business; achieve one-card and recyclable loans, integrate business functions of debit and credit cards.

  • Complete e-banking solves the problem of rural bank outlet shortages

    Online banking can realize 7 * 24-hour remittance, reconciliation, wages paying, loan reminders and repayment services; self-service banks offer deposit and withdrawal, inquiries and other services via ATM machines; telephone banking offers automatic voice answers, 7 * 24-hour inquiry and other services.

  • Professional bank call center services

    With 7 * 24-hour human financial services agents, rural banks do not need to invest heavily to set up call centers or recruit 7 * 24 business responders.

  • Improve risk control system

    Provide the whole process of pre-lending, in-lending and post-lending credit management system; provide remote centralized authorization management system for real-time monitoring of outlets and authorization; and provide anti-money laundering and credit collection systems.

  • Quickly meet bank interest rate liberalization and other individual needs

    Rich product parameters and financial data model to provide innovative products and management report data for rural banks, to improve management efficiency and meet the requirements of market-oriented interest rates.

  • Powerful operation and maintenance service capabilities, worry-free post-maintenance

    With mature and consummate service, operation and maintenance and safe management system, we boast an experienced operation and maintenance team, providing 7 * 24 hours business and technical support. Server security and business operations services fully meet regulatory requirements.

  • Advanced IT architecture and solutions

    In line with SOA architecture system, with a high degree of flexibility, availability and scalability, with a full set of patented solutions to support banks’ "Internet +" innovation strategy.

  • Rapid response to banks’ individual needs

    Has a strong professional development team, can respond to banks’ individual needs at any time, and promotes innovation in banking products, services, and management.

Service value

FinancingCreditCloud under DC Holdingsoffers the following value for small and medium-sized banks:

  • On-demand deployment of applications, comprehensive support for business development;

  • Diversified channels and rich products vigorously promote business growth;

  • Standardized operation and maintenance system and standard system interface fully meet regulatory requirements.

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