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Our mission is to create a digitalized China. Taking responsibility and pursuing sustainable innovation are two core values which we passionately believe we can use to make a difference. DC Holdings maintains these core values in every decision it makes, not only in its daily business but also throughout its corporate responsibility to society.

DC Holdings and its staff demonstrated these core values by initiating a fundraising project: the DC Holdings Hope Foundation. This project raises funds to build DC Holdings Hope Primary Schools. These schools are built for the children in rural areas of China who cannot afford to go to school. DC Holdings believes that children are the future of our country, and providing them with education will facilitate China’s future development.

Since 2002, DC Holdings and its staff have been raising money for the Hope Project. They have successfully established eight Hope primary schools located in Sichuan, Hubei, Hebei, Henan, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Hunan and Liaoning Provinces.

  • The DC Holdings Fushun Hope Primary School in Fushun County, Sichuan Province
  • The Digital China Hope Primary School in Yanhe Town, Macheng County, Hubei Province
  • The igital China Yanduhe Hope Primary School in Yanduhe Town, Badong County, Hubei Province

  • The Digital China Hope Primary School in Pianlingshi Learning Area, Longwangmiao Village, Qinglong Man Autonomous County, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province
  • The Digtal China Sanjianfang Hope Primary School, Tuyou Qi, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
  • The Digital China Ershijiazi Hope Primary School in Chaoyang County, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province
  • The Digital China Hope Primary School in Cigudong Village, Dongwangzhuang Village, Yiyang County, Luoyang City, Henan Province
  • The Digital China Lantian Hope Primary School, Bayuan Village, Lantian County, Shaanxi Province
  • The Digital China Primary School, Zhang City, Pingjiang County, Hunan ProvinceDigital China Yongtai Hope School, Tangqian Village, Yongtai County, Fujian Province
Other Charities
  • SARS Charity Fund

    ​In 2003, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome ("SARS") became a serious threat in China. DC Holdings made a ten million yuan contribution; this was combined with donations made by the Legend Holdings Corporation and sister company Lenovo Group Limited and given to assist in the fight against SARS. In May, DC Holdings donated a batch of servers and networking products to the Beijing Municipal Education Commission in an effort to help schools provide "online classrooms.”

  • 2004 Tsunami

    When Southeast Asia was devastated by the tsunami in 2004, DC Holdings responded to its neighboring countries’ call for aid with a major fundraising campaign organized by its parent company Legend Holdings Corporation. All funds raised were donated to Red Cross.

  • Wenchuan Earthquake

    When the deadly earthquake hit Wenchuan in May 2008, DC Holdings devoted itself to earthquake relief activities. Both the company and employees contributed funds and aid materials to the affected victims. DC Holdings also donated emergency IT equipment to the government valued at over six million yuan.

  • Yushu Earthquake, Qinghai Province

    On April 14th, 2010, two earthquakes struck Yushu, Qinghai Province. One of the earthquakes reached a magnitude of 7.1, wreaking extreme havoc on the infrastructure of Yushu. The DC Holdings Chengdu Platform delivered 24 large steel frame tents to the Yushu disaster area immediately following the Wenchuan Earthquake. DC Holdings employees also donated two million yuan to the Yushu disaster area relief effort.

  • Ya’an Earthquake, Sichuan Province

    In April 2013, an earthquake of 7.0 magnitude struck Ya’an, Sichuan Province. DC Holdings immediately made a cash contribution of two million yuan through the Han Hong Love Charity Foundation. It also put all its efforts into opening a special Beijing-Chengdu-Ya’an logistics line. This line facilitated the transportation of disaster relief supplies from numerous organizations. At the same time, DC Holdings employees contributed close to 300 thousand yuan to the rescue efforts.